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UPDATE: Radical Changes in CA

Three bills passed thru CA legislature and one has become law. Gov Newsom signed SB 145, but the other two are still waiting for his signature. We believe parents and concerned adults may want to express their opinions regarding these bills.

AB 2218 will fund hormone blockers for children and sex change operations for adults with taxpayer dollars.

SIGNED 9/11/20 SB 145 will remove the requirement to register as a sex offender in California if the perpetrator is within 10 years of age of the victim and the crime falls within a specific group of offenses.

AB 331 will make ethnic studies a graduation requirement for High Schools in California, allowing teachers to indoctrinate students with social justice extremism.

There are a number of bills pending which most parents would see as infringing on their rights -- for example, requiring your insurance to cover your child's abortion while preventing you from knowing about it. This website has a summary and links of all anti-family anti-life proposed legislation.


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