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23 Benefits of Sexual Self-Control

People Who HAVE Sexual Self-Control... 

  1. Demonstrate they have respect for themselves and others.

  2. Prove they really care about their partner's health and future.

  3. Develop impulse control.

  4. Resist the influence of others.

  5. Can look forward to marital sexual intimacy without fears or regrets.

  6. Are able to bond completely to their spouse.

  7. Have the proof they can be faithful.

  8. Offer their mate a body free of disease.

  9. Give their mate a heart that isn't hardened, distrustful or suspicious.

  10. Determine how they want to be treated, instead of hoping for it.

  11. Eliminate the problem of dating someone who wants to use you for sex.

  12. Learn how to resist temptation.

  13. After a break up, find it much easier to remain close friends.

  14. Know if their partner is someone who can be trusted to resist temptation from others.

  15. Develop qualities to be successful in marriage: trustworthiness, respect, delayed gratification.

  16. Discover all the other things they have in common with their partner.

  17. Studies show, are much more likely to STAY married.

  18. Have high standards that attract others with high standards.

  19. Can anticipate greater passion and intimacy in marriage because there is no fear or guilt.

  20. Learn to communicate and express love in a variety of ways besides the physical.

  21. Are able to discuss anything about their relationship with other people without shame or being secretive.

  22. Never have to fear thinking some other lover during intimate moments.

  23. (Who have religious traditions) have a relationship with God, family and others that is truthful, hopeful and guilt-free.

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