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I want to help my child make better decisions

Positively Waiting publishes a monthly newsletter.   Typically, it contains information related to sex or sex education.  We emphasize the need for parents to put into practice the concepts we teach in our workshops..  Teen brains mature through reward and repetition.  Getting the adolescent brain to hardwire the habits needed to be a successful adult takes practice.  So most months, we feature a coaching exercise.  We have a free ebook that is an accumulation of those practice exercises.  But if you prefer a plain old pdf, click on the button below.​

How To Use The Doc:

Ideally, a parent committed to coaching their teen would read the whole thing through first, to get a feel for the objectives, and then occasionally dip into it, pull out an exercise and put it into practice. ​Expect it will feel unnatural at first.  That is normal -- but remember you're also training your child to do something that is also unnatural!  Impulse control has important and lifelong benefits, but it doesn't come naturally to anyone. We hope these exercises will give you more confidence as you navigate adolescence, and your children the skills they will need to become excellent adults. 

Karen Kropf 7/2018

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