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Seven Secrets to Finding the Perfect Fit

  1. Diamonds aren't found laying around on the ground -- they have to be mined.  Expect to look a little deeper in people to find a precious jewel.

  2. Instead of searching for someone to make you happy, BE someone who brings happiness with you.  Keep asking yourself, "How fun and I to be around?"

  3. Stop using people to meet your needs.  Whether its social, financial, sexual or emotional -- no one likes to be used, and when they figure it out, it always ends very badly.

  4. Work on the inside as much as the outside.  The outside package is what sparks interest, but the inside is what keeps it going.

  5. Be true to yourself.  You don't want the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE to fall in love with the Fake Version of You, would you?

  6. The reason relationships fail is ALWAYS selfishness.  Maybe it's one person, and maybe its both, but its always selfishness.  Practice thinking about others more than yourself.

  7. Never forget the God who knows you, knows what's best FOR you, too.  If the Perfect Fit isn't in your life right now, could it be this is a perfect Opportunity for you to  learn how to love according to His high standard?

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