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Risk Reduction or Risk Elimination?

Adults who believe teens can't control themselves tell them, "Be safe: use protection." 

But "protection," even at its best, is still only risk-REDUCTION.  Reduced, but not eliminated.

We think that's like telling a child, "You're so stupid, we're just hoping you won't fail the class!" 

Sexual self-control on the other hand, is the 'A.'  IT'S RISK-ELIMINATION.

The highest standard of protection is NO RISK.  The only 100% certain way to achieve NO RISK is ONE UNINFECTED, FAITHFUL LIFETIME PARTNER.  Every other strategy has risk.

When adults tell teens, "Use Protection," it's the same as assuming they can't do better  on their report card than 'C's.  And in reality it often means ending up with a 'D' or 'F' -- meaning a sexually transmitted infection or unintended pregnancy.

Sexual self-control IS a difficult skill to master -- but so is achieving  a 4.0 GPA, getting into medical school or winning an Olympic medal!  Just because it's hard to do, doesn't mean it isn't worth the effort.

Let us help!  

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