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You Don't Even Have To Leave Your School!

During our workshops, parents of public school students in CA have been advised that the school can legally facilitate abortion, contraceptive and hormone-therapy services off-campus without parental consent or notification. They are often shocked to learn that piece of information. But wait, there's more.

On December 12, 2019, LAUSD announced it is partnering with Planned Parenthood (the world's largest abortion provider) to create "Wellbeing Centers" ON CAMPUS. Just like Orwell's Animal Farm, euphemisms are Planned Parenthood's stock-in-trade, so what will these Wellbeing Centers provide?

"Social, emotional, and sexual health services." This is code for 1) promoting sexual activity (with condoms and birth control) among adolescents; 2) encouraging teens to act on their attractions regardless of the imprinting it may cause on all future sexual behavior and preferences; 3) undermining religious and moral counseling which takes place in the home.

"Pregnancy options counseling." Planned Parenthood has a well-documented history of not referring for adoption, and THEY SELL ABORTIONS. Which "pregnancy option" do you think your daughter will be presented with?

"Another set of caring adults to whom they can come with those strange life questions." "Caring" adults who sell abortion services without parental consent or notification. "Caring" adults who are happy to provide hormone therapy guaranteeing a sustained connection to PP services, becoming a source for federal funding. "Caring" adults who have been recorded enthusiastically willing to receive donations to be used to terminate babies of color. "Caring" adults who also facilitate the exploitation of minors by pimps, sex-traffickers and pedophiles.

If you want to know the type of advice these "caring" individuals are trained to give teenagers, watch this video -- but be advised: IT'S DISTURBING. If you can stomach it, I suggest you close your eyes and imagine the adult you are listening to is talking to YOUR CHILD in a "non-clinical" environment, like a coffee shop. Any responsible person who overheard this conversation at Starbucks would recognize this as inappropriate, grooming, and exploitative.

How is this any different from inviting a cannabis store on campus to provide "counseling options" for pain or stress relief? Obviously, it's not.

And, someone needs to Ask The Question: Why are the first 5 of these are identified as being "concentrated in communities with high poverty rates and low access to services" (a euphemism for primarily African-American and Hispanic populations)? Could it be that PP is still committed to its founder's ideology? Margaret Sanger, was a eugenicist who called poor non-whites: "human weeds,’ ‘reckless breeders,’ ’an ever-increasing, unceasingly spawning class of human beings who never should have been born at all."

In Real Life, it would mean an African-American teenager who is worried she might be pregnant cuts her 3rd period English class, and walks to the Wellbeing Center to take a pregnancy test. Is the first person she talks to about her positive test result and what it might mean to her health, relationships or future goals her parents? Nope. It's a "caring adult" who sells abortions.

How is this okay?


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