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What Does That Mean Exactly?

California State Senator Nancy Skinner introduced SB 1142, which according to her webpage,

[W]ould establish a first-of-its-kind fund composed of state and philanthropic dollars that would significantly increase funding for abortion services for low-income Californians and for out-of-state residents who may come here for an abortion. The landmark bill would also create a comprehensive webpage for those seeking reproductive services in California, regardless of where they live.

Please allow me to translate that for you:

  • state and philanthropic dollars: that's political-speak for corporate grants combined with taxpayer money

  • abortion services: the surgical and/or chemical procedures which disrupt human lives in the zygotic, embryonic or fetal stage of development

  • low-income Californians and out of state-residents: basically anyone with no money who wants to terminate the unborn

In other words: CA wants to be in the business of terminating the offspring of poor people, whether they live there or not.

Governor Newsom also signed Senate Bill 245, named the Abortion Accessibility Act, which prohibits insurance companies from charging a co-pay, or deductible for abortion procedures. In other words, the portion of the abortion which the "pregnant person" would pay (their "skin in the game" as it were in making the decision to end the life of a human in the zygotic, embryonic or fetal stage of development and potentially causing them to rethink their decision, is now waived in CA. When there is out-of-pocket costs, the use of those services by the insured always goes up.

This new direction for CA is promoted as "ensuring equitable, affordable access," which sounds like a good thing... until you realize what they really are doing is making money terminating the offspring of poor people. Because even if the "pregnant person" doesn't pay for the abortion, the federal government does. Billions of dollars a year, right into the coffers of the organizations which then turn around and "donate" it to the people who will promote "Reproductive Care" -- another euphemism for ending the life of a human in the zygotic, embryonic or fetal stage of development.

In California, abortions are legal until “fetus viability.” Unless it would affect the physical, emotional, or financial health of the woman -- which means as long as a doctor can cite a "health" reason for the termination, abortion is legal until birth. Minors can abort without parental notification or consent, already. So all those sex-trafficked kids who get pregnant, can terminate in CA taxpayer expense, supplemented by philanthropic corporations who want to eliminate poverty.

Well done, CA, well done.


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