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The Dirty Business of Abortions

In 2013, a Pennsylvania abortionist named Kermit Gosnell, was convicted and is currently serving a life-without-parole sentence for the 1st degree murder (and related crimes) against babies born alive at his clinic. At the time, various pro-choice public officials said his house-of-horrors practice was an anomaly and not representative of their industry. Many in the prolife movement challenged that assertion.

Enter Cesare Santangelo.

He is the only abortionist at Washington Surgi-Clinic. In 2013, he was recorded by Live Action boasting, like Gosnell, that he would let babies die if they were accidentally delivered during his abortions. In 2020, Santangelo settled a medical malpractice lawsuit after a female patient died as a result of fetal debris entering her bloodstream and reaching her lungs. Now his facility is at the center of another ghastly story.

Here's what you might not hear elsewhere.

Lauren Handy and Terrisa Bukovinac are members of the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU). They claim they were outside the D.C. abortion clinic and noticed a driver loading boxes into the back of the truck. They saw boxes sitting on a dolly, covered in Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services stickers, so they asked the driver if he knew what was in the boxes. When he said that he did not, Bukovinac says she told him, “It’s dead babies.”

The two women asked if they could take one of the boxes to give the babies a proper funeral, and according to them,the driver agreed, noting he had already scanned the box into the system so its disappearance would likely go unnoticed.

Live Action photographed the contents of the box, which contained 110 mostly pulverized babies who were aborted in their first trimester, as well as five babies estimated to be in the late 2nd or early 3rd trimester, terminated through late-term abortions. (Warning: Posts contain graphic and disturbing images.)

After viewing the pictures a Board-Certified OB/Gyn and a neonatologist concluded that the injuries appear to be consistent with an Intact D&E [dilation and evacuation] or D&X [dilation and extraction]. If the baby was alive at the start of these procedures, it would be a Partial Birth Abortion and illegal.

Babies who are born alive because of botched abortions are protected by law under the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. Partial-birth abortion is where a doctor partially vaginally delivers, a living baby until either the entire fetal head is outside the mother’s body, or in the case of a breech presentation, any part of the fetal trunk past the navel is outside the mother’s body, and then intentionally kills it. These procedures are illegal except to save the life of the mother according to the 2003 law. Physicians have testified there are no conditions or emergencies where such a procedure would be medically necessary.

The Washington D.C. Police Department has so far refused to autopsy the babies to determine if they were alive at the time of the procedure, but they are investigating the two women who intercepted the box, to see if they committed a crime by obtaining the box of remains.

The Curtis Bay Medical Waste Facility swears it doesn't incinerate fetal remains, and initially denied the pro-life activists’ story. They have not responded to further inquiries and photographic evidence which contradicts their claim.

The Washington Surgi-Clinic referred all inquiries to The National Abortion Federation, which has not responded to multiple press requests for comment.

The purveyors of abortion want us to believe they "empower" women and provide "opportunity" for the marginalized. And that abortions are simple pristine surgical events, provided by caring healthcare professionals. Gosnell's Women's Medical Society Clinic in Philadelphia and the Washington Surgi-Clinic clearly tell a different story.

What if Gosnell and Santagelo aren't anomalies at all? How many more stories like these will it take to prove abortionists engage in a series of callous actions which culminate in containers of victims stripped of life, honor and dignity... as well as bags of baby parts labeled "medical waste."


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09 abr 2022

This is so horrific. Such a diabolical practice. a crime against the child AND mother. A crime against humanity.

Me gusta
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