The Christian Bachelorette

The kerfuffle between Hannah Brown and Luke Parker on 2019 season of the Bachelorette, created a lot of commentary. But it had almost nothing to do with what most people think it did.

Fast summary: Luke Parker, a professing Christian, had a conversation of whether or not Hannah, a professing Christian, was going to or had been sexually intimate with other men on the show. Hannah felt judged, controlled and angry. Ultimately she told Luke she had already been sexually intimate, it was none of his business and he needed to leave. He made awkward attempts to explain, connect and correct, but she wanted no part of it. Luke was bashed by the other contestants during the “tell all” episode.

The night Luke asked Hannah if they were on the same page about sex outside of marriage, he made reference to Hebrew 13:4, “Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure…” He was asking if Hannah, as a professing believer, was committed to not being sexually active outside of marriage. Since he was choosing that for himself, he clearly expected her answer would be “Yes.”

It was not.

Neither of them are virgins at this point in their lives. Hannah explained that she had two sexual partners in her life, both of whom (at the time) she believed would be her husband. She felt that she could decide for herself under what circumstances to be sexually intimate and it was not something Luke had any right to question or judge because he was not her husband.

She clearly expected that Luke would understand her level of intimacy with anyone else on the show was off limits.

He did not.

I would like to point out they weren’t having the same argument. Hannah was defending her PERSONAL standard and Luke was defending the CHRISTIAN standard.

Most Millennials believe restrictions on sexual behavior is patriarchal, controlling and sexist. And in many ways it IS, if you are not a Christian. Requiring non-Christians to adopt Christian standards is the same as vegans requiring everyone else to give up leather goods and barbecue.

Sorry, I don’t subscribe to your religion, you can’t make me follow those rules.

Feel free to argue that it might be healthier, I might live longer, animals should be treated the same as humans – I will not stop you from making your case. But ultimately, I reserve the right to decide whet