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Roe No More

By now, you have heard SCOTUS overturned Roe v. Wade, and are aware of, if not witnessing firsthand, the riots of angry, mostly white female mobs, who want to reimpose their desire for abortion-on-demand across the country. While several states will continue providing abortions, many of them will even expand their taxpayer funded abortion services to include out-of-state travel to get one. But that is not enough for these mobs. Every state must legalize abortion-on-demand or face their wrath.

Others more gifted than I are writing about the court decision and what will happen in each state. I want to address what it means to the women who were part of the pro-abortion movement originally, and why they are having a meltdown now.

A quick history -- abortion was originally resisted by the feminist movement. Susan B. Anthony and even Margaret Sanger thought abortion degraded the role and importance of women. It was Hugh Hefner (of the Playboy Empire) and Bernard Nathanson (a New York abortion doctor) who persuaded Betty Friedan, the founder of National Organization of Women, that ALL feminist demands (equal education, jobs, pay, etc.) hinged on a woman's right to control procreation.

Hefner saw legalized abortion as absolutely necessary to fulfill his fantasy of a society with unrestricted sexual liberty, and Nathanson had 10 operating rooms, running 7 days a week, averaging 120 abortions a day. He wanted to open clinics nationwide, but couldn’t because in most of the country abortion was illegal. “Reproductive rights means equal rights!” they insisted. “It’s the key to influence in the workplace. After all, how will women ever be seen as equals to men when employers only have to tally up the costs of maternity leave and the loss of productivity?”

That's how the Women's Movement came to embrace abortion. And that's why corporations are offering "reproductive care costs" as a benefit to their employees. Covering the cost of an abortion is cheaper than maternity costs and new dependents on their healthcare rolls. Anyone with half a brain cell can see how legal abortion has exploited women. And that's the problem for people like Nancy Pelosi (D-California).

For women of her generation, legalizing abortion was the single greatest accomplishment of their life. She really believes that she has advanced the status of women by persuading them to abort their children for the sake of a JOB. Her greatest accomplishment will now be seen as a horror inflicted on women from which she profited financially. Think about that. Until Friday June 24th at 10 a.m., her entire political legacy rested on tiny corpses. Now she realizes that more than half the country will discover the act she is most proud of was exploitation rather than liberation.

Maxine Waters (D-California) is in the same boat. Before Roe, abortion was a privilege for rich, white women. After Roe, poor women of color had access to it as well. In fact, it was sold in the black community as a "civil right." Which is why Representative Waters is tweeting, posting and shouting, "The hell with the Supreme Court. We will defy them... if they think Black women are intimidated or afraid, they got another thought coming.” She needs black women to keep believing abortion is necessary for parity with white women.

Politicians like Waters and Pelosi have to claim that women have lost something they NEED to excel in the culture. Think about that for a minute. They are literally saying UNLESS SHE CAN KILL HER OWN CHILDREN (on demand and with taxpayer funding, by the way) a woman cannot compete with men or fulfill her potential. What she contributes as a Mom is nothing compared to a career!

Just stop and consider the women whose achievements you admire the most. How many of them are moms AND have careers? How many of them are more proud of the family they created than the profit they brought to the bottom line? Isn't one of the reasons they earned your admiration because they have both?

I would also ask, how many women do you know who missed their chance to be mothers and grandmothers? How many regret falling for the lies that abortion rights were built on? As one of the latter, I can tell you there is no amount of money, no fame or acclamation, no political power, which can fill the hole abortion leaves behind.

I am rejoicing that in many states, abortion will no longer be a "quick fix" for men who use women for sex. I am rejoicing that women will stop thinking of abortion as birth control. I am rejoicing that public debates about what abortion is, what it does, and what it really costs us will start to take place.

But above all, I am rejoicing that the "greatest accomplishment" of women such as Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters is finally being exposed for what it really was: the payoff that funded their political careers. Now we all can see they literally stood on top of tiny corpses claiming they helped women.


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