Opt Out, Get Out, Stand Out

The California Department of Education has adopted and rolled out the K-12 health curriculum framework to conform to the state’s LGBTQ affirming sex education law (the Healthy Youth Act).

Every parent should be alarmed that the new CA Dept. of Education’s “health” guidelines include an emphasis on normalizing and even encouraging multiple partner lifestyles. This is the EXACT opposite of what every health organization, and professional association has recommended for the last century.

There are mountains of evidence which demonstrate that the single greatest risk factor for contracting a sexually transmitted infection is the NUMBER OF LIFETIME PARTNERS. Nevertheless, all K-12 students in California public schools will now be told, “Some students may be non-monogamous” and "the term ‘partner(s)’ may be used to be more inclusive.” The entire proposed K-12 health curriculum framework includes 842 mentions the words “sex,” “sexual,” and “sexuality; 239 mention of “gender,” but mentions “abstinence” only 2 times in the entire 1,000-page health framework.

Christian/Catholic/Jewish/Muslim and other conservative-minded parents should be aware that these health lessons will attack and undermine religious values such as marital fidelity, abstinence outside of marriage and celebrating differences between males and females. And that students will be taught types of abuse they should avoid, include “emotional, physical, sexual or spiritual.”

For example, the Framework describes "religious abuse" as,

  1. Forcing others to adhere to rigid gender roles.

  2. Not allowing a partner to do things they enjoy.

  3. Imply that students should have only one sex partner at a time.”

How can parents respond? There are 3 options:

Option One -- "Opt Out." Parents can request in writing that their child not participate in the Comprehensive Sex Education lessons taking place in 7th and 9th grade. We have heard from parents that attempting to do this may mean administrative pushback (multiple meetings attempting to overcome objections and persuade parents to abandon their obje