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In Defense Of Jimmy Kimmel?

A clip from 2009 of late night host, Jimmy Kimmel interviewing Megan Fox has surfaced. In the clip (shown above) Megan explains her first role was as an extra in Bad Boys II. Director Michal Bay was told she was only 15 so she couldn't be seated at the bar or holding a drink in the club scene. Instead he used her dancing on stage in a stars and stripes bikini, cowboy hat and six inch heels under a waterfall.

Jimmy Kimmel's response is an uncomfortable, "Perfectly wholesome."

Megan says, "So that's sort of a microcosm of how Bay's mind works."

To which Jimmy replies, "Yeah, well, that's really a microcosm of how all our minds work, but some some of us have the decency to repress those thoughts and pretend that they don't exist."

Watch Megan's face, and you see her surprise (as she draws visual attention to her long bare legs).

I never thought I would be defending Jimmy Kimmel, but on Earth, he is 100% correct. Decent men DO REPRESS THOSE THOUGHTS AND PRETEND THEY DON'T EXIST. It is a masculine sign of honor, respect and their protective instinct. It is certainly NOT something men should be ashamed of.

What should really be alarming is that this is a surprise to Megan Fox. How embarrassing that she does not know males are visually stimulated! What males see (yes, including your sweetheart!) causes them to have sexual thoughts. It's not just a heterosexual thing, either, because males-attracted-to-males have the same visual stimulation. The power of the visual is intense, especially for adolescent boys. It is a sign of maturity when a young man gains control of those sexual thoughts brought on by visual stimulation.

So is anyone else wondering, "Megan in the 10th grade, 15, on set in a bikini and 6-inch heels -- what were her parents thinking?!" Clearly, they also were oblivious that what putting their 15 year old daughter in a bikini and 6-inch heels on the set of a movie whose target demographic is MALES 15-25 might mean! And, excuse me, if the parents of this child are okay with it, why is it Michael Bay's responsibility to shield her? He knows his target audience. Whoever was signing off on her participation in the movie should have known as well.

Admittedly, at 15, Megan's brain was unable to comprehend the consequences of her actions, but there had to have been a responsible adult SOMEWHERE who understood they were serving up her up as porn-candy, who gave the go-ahead. Why is Jimmy Kimmel the villain?


  1. I am NOT saying because males are visually stimulated that females ought to cover themselves from chin to toe.

  2. I am NOT saying the power of the visual is an excuse for sexual assault or harassment.

  3. I AM SAYING, that it is a fact that males are visually stimulated and in a decent society, young men are taught to control it and not act on it without consent.

  4. And I AM ALSO SAYING that there is a thrill of power for the WOMAN who engineers that reaction, and in a decent society young women should be taught not to tease, manipulate or use this response in men to get what they want.

I realize on Earth now we are supposed to pretend that the male sexual response system is identical to the female sexual response system. But every male on the planet knows its just another lie we all pretend is true, because to say otherwise brings an avalanche of criticism down on your head. But pretending its true doesn't make it true. It just makes men even less real about who they really are and how they truly feel.

That Jimmy Kimmel was brave enough to say the quiet part loud is commendable -- not a reason to excoriate him.


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