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It's extremely difficult to go an entire day without some news item, meme or post on gender popping up. Whether its exposing hospitals who promote the financial windfall from providing trans-care (cross-hormone treatments require a lot of billable followups, top surgeries are "huge moneymakers"), or pronoun enforcers prowling hospitals, schools, social media and corporate offices ready to pounce on the resistant, adults are better at navigating the bullying than children. Especially adolescents who are trying to both break-away from parents to establish their own identity while conforming to whatever peer-pressure will get them in the In Crowd.

Where a busy adult might encourage a teen to "just ignore them," when the subject of gender-bullies comes up, a teen risks social suicide if they don't go along. Parents can do better by being aware that the first baby step toward indoctrination is often "I don't really believe this stuff, but if I agree with what they say, they will leave me alone." The hunger for external affirmation is gigantic for teens -- ideally, the primary source would be parents, but that's not always the case. When it's not, or when there's a lapse in the stream, teens turn to social media for it. The majority of social media directed at and consumed by teens is trans-affirming.

In researching options for parents who want to stem the tide of indoctrination, we came across This site is for parents, educators, and concerned communities looking for resources to navigate the minefields around gender-identity, social media indoctrination and peer-pressure. Detransitioners (those who have ceased claiming they were the opposite sex and are dealing with the consequences of physically changing) offer their cautionary tales, and warnings on how the healthcare community failed them.


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