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A Day In The Life Of A High Schooler

Maybe it starts with learning at school or through social media “how to have sex safely using jelly as a lubricant.” Not K-Y Jelly... grape jelly. Between classes cellphones receive unfiltered pornographic videos, which MUST be shared. "Send nudes" is de rigueur if you "like like" someone.

The kissing and fondling of a “friend-with-benefits,” produces oxytocin in the female brain causing her to bond, meanwhile the brain produces dopamine and vasopressin, chemicals associated with addictive behavior.

A stop at the local (or school-based) clinic supplies free condoms and birth control, without parental consent. If those devices fail (about 30% of the time with teens) and a pregnancy results, the "person who menstruates" is told to pop over to the abortion clinic (also without parental knowledge or consent), and receive an OTC abortifacient or undergo a medical procedure, which requires "informed consent" from a brain which is literally incapable of giving it.

It is highly unlikely that the depression, rage, and hostility, not to mention eating disorders, self-harm, depression or suicidal thoughts which often follow will be linked to having an abortion, contracting a sexually transmitted infection or discovering the nudes have been shared with the entire basketball team.

In fact, there is a greater chance these negative behaviors will be diagnosed as concern about climate change, or symptoms of gender identity disorder.

It's long past time to wake up, parents!


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