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Cruelty -free Applies to Animals, But Not Humans?

We are to admire and revere people only buy products that are "cruelty-free," (meaning not tested on animals), but revile those who decline a product which was was tested using aborted human parts. The hypocrisy is stunning.

You probably heard about employees requesting an exemption from mandatory COVID vaccines based on "sincerely held religious beliefs," citing the aborted embryonic stem cells used in research and manufacture of them. One hospital in Conway, AR has responded by requiring their religious exemption employees to sign an additional statement, or "attestation," indicating they will also refuse or refrain from other meds which also have used fetal stem cells, among them are Tylenol, ibuprofen, Pepto-Bismol, Lipitor and Claritin.

According to CEO and President of Conway Regional Matt Troup this is to ferret out those seeking to hide behind the religious exemption to avoid being vaccinated. Unless the employee is also willing to "attest" that they will not use any of the other medications on the hospital's list, their exemption may not be granted.

Can you imagine requiring a vegan hospital employee to attest that will never eat in the hospital cafeteria? Or requiring their Jewish employees to certify they keep kosher as a condition of employment? These are the same employers who are legally prohibited from asking about your HIV status, or requiring you to wear clothing which conforms to your biological sex.

While it probably won't persuade unvaccinated employees to abandon their objections, it may still have an upside. Pro-life advocates have been trying to bring attention to this issue for years. This story will definitely increase awareness of just how many pharmaceuticals use aborted embryonic stem cells. There are other sources of human stem cells -- they are present in placentas as well as in living humans -- and which do not require ending a human life to obtain. But embryonic stem cells are a million dollar industry which grew out of the billion dollar abortion industry. Are pro-lifers as committed to honoring the sanctity of every human life as vegans are to happy chickens?

When people find out the medication they are being offered is a by-product of an abortion, will they accept the inconvenience or expense of finding a substitute which was ethically produced? Maybe. Remember the scene in "Heaven Can Wait" where Warren Beaty's wants his company to stop using tuna nets that kill porpoises. He says, "What if we had a good-guy tuna company on the porpoise team? We don't care how much it costs, just how much it makes. If it costs too much, we charge a penny more. Would you pay more to save a fish who thinks?"

Imagine a healthcare provider who said, "I recommend this medication to bring down your cholesterol. It's a little more expensive than Lipitor, but its wasn't made using any abortion by-products." Sure, there might be a few people who say, "No thanks, I'd rather save the money and support the abortion industry," but there would be others who are glad not only to have a choice, but to reward research that isn't dependent on human misery and death.


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