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What Your Help Would Mean To Us Right Now

The war against truthful discussions about the dangers of adolescent sexual activity has escalated. Those of us who fight for teens to be factually informed and encouraged to make the healthiest choices regarding sexual behavior have lost ground.

As we reported in the Feb. 2019 newsletter, the new CA Dept. of Education’s “health” guidelines include an emphasis on normalizing and even encouraging multiple partner lifestyles. This is the EXACT opposite of what every health organization, and professional association has recommended for the last century. There are mountains of evidence which demonstrate that the single greatest risk factor for contracting a sexually transmitted infection is the NUMBER OF LIFETIME PARTNERS. Nevertheless, all K-12 students in California public schools can

  1. Be taught it’s a form of religious abuse to imply that students should have only one lifetime sex partner — “Some students may be non-monogamous” and the term ‘partner(s)’ may be used to be more inclusive.”

  2. Hear guest lectures from abortion providers and the transgendered, while abstinence educators and representative from pregnancy resource centers are blacklisted.

  3. Be told that adults “guess” the sex of a baby at birth, but that sometimes males have vaginas, too.

As you may know, LAUSD banned Positively Waiting presentations in 2006 because we were unwilling to promote the use of condoms and other anti-science ideologies. [Just FYI: Our charter school invitations meant someone stood up to LAUSD and made their own decision about what would benefit their students best.]

We are one small voice of reason for students swimming against the Niagara Falls of deceit! Let me be clear, we care deeply about the dignity and happiness of every individual regardless of their sexual attractions or preferences. We want maximum health for every teen and young adult we speak to, but we know that withholding the FACTS about multiple partner lifestyles, and adolescent sexual activity simply because they are inconvenient and/or conflict with the preferred narrative deprives them of their best chance at happiness and potentially even best health.

We rarely ask for financial help directly, but truthfully, this is one of those times where we need to know if adults still want our message in their community. As public schools become increasingly hostile to the truth, arranging Positively Waiting events in other venues may be the only way to take a stand. Non-school venues mean an increase in costs for sites and hosts, promotion and security.

Would you please consider a financial gift to help us keep fighting to tell the truth? Literally any amount would make a difference! We view every dollar as a sacrifice from you and an encouragement to us. Our typical youth presentation is $200, and when combined with a parent workshop is $400.

Thank you for your prayerful support. We are so very grateful!!


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