The AskMen.com Great Male Survey is done online in the UK, Canada, USA and Australia. The survey is instructive, because it reminds me that information doesn't change behavior, only processed information does.  What I mean is, a person can have any number of facts floating around in their head but they don't all have relevance.

This survey is a case in point.  Women can READ the data (the surveys are posted here) but still not fully appreciate how the information revealed in the survey could have a profound impact on their behavior.

For instance, men were asked, "How often do you get tested for STDs?"  Fifty-three percent (53%) said NEVER.  Then they were asked, "Which aspect of your sex life have you lied about?" And fifty one percent (51%) said "The number of partners I've had."

If you are a sexually active woman that should make you stop and think. Just those two responses tell you, there is a 50/50 chance that your new prospective partner will lie about the number of partners he's had, and no matter what he SAYS, he has no idea if he is infected or not (most STDs are asymptomatic especially in males.)

Today,in a 5-4 decision, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby, against the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) requirement that employers insurance must provide all forms of birth control.

First, to be clear, this does not restrict ACCESS to contraception at all. This decision doesn't mean there will be police barriers in front of pharmacies so that only women who work in certain companies can buy the Pill.  Any woman who wants to buy birth control can buy birth control.

Recently, there have been a number of articles written stating that one in five women are assaulted on college campuses.  If you look up the ACTUAL report it's more like 1 in 8, but you can get statistics to say almost anything. Whatever the real percentage, I have a great deal of empathy for victims of sexual assault.  However...

Isn't it obvious that colleges and universities have mixed together the ingredients which would inevitably lead to this mess?  Let me explain.

What if the Marlboro Man came to you kid's class and told them "Smoking tobacco is relaxing"?

What if the StayPuft Marshmallow Man was invited in to say, "Sugar gives you energy!"

What if a man dressed as Samuel Adams delivered a presentation about "Drinking responsibly"?

What if they gave out free samples of their products?  Now add to it that the school pays them to do it with taxpayer funded government grants.  Wouldn't that seem like a conflict of interest?  

That's business as usual in the sex education biz.  Seriously.

"Rape requires a panoply of follow-up care, from post-exposure prophylaxis to help prevent HIV transmission to physical care for any injuries or sexually transmitted diseases to psychological care to abortions." ~ Jina Moore.

This sentence is from an article about how the Nigerians are preparing for the return of those 276 kidnapped girls.  So, first, let me say, I 100% fully understand and sympathize with the INTENTIONS of the statement. Everyone is thinking, "How can we help these traumatized girls put this horrific event behind them and try to restore normality?!"

And I really do appreciate that carrying the fetus of the rapist to term seems like torture few could imagine.  Every day she remembers she is pregnant by her captors.  Every day she imagines that face... I get it.

I've been going into schools to talk about sex, love and relationships since 1998.  Admittedly, when we first started we weren't very good, but once we committed to finding out what influences teen decisions, we started tracking feedback every class, every school. 

Things have definitely changed since 1998.  For one, it was common that a significant majority of teens had already heard SOMEONE tell them there were good reasons to save sex til marriage.  It wasn't 75% of the class, but it wasn't unusual that 50%+ were already thinking they would wait for marriage. Now, I'm surprised when a public school class has more than 30%.  

Doesn't that seem alarming for 14-15 year olds?!

Our friend Jordan Haro sat down with us to talk about sex, love and relationships.  
I love the Disney movie "Frozen."  I say that up front because you might not believe it after this post.  But I do. It's utterly charming.

It's also a PERFECT metaphor for the Wrong Way to teach your child about sex.  Not kidding.  Let me frame it up for you. 

I saw a segment on the Wed 4/23/14 Steve Harvey show that I just HAD to post about.  

Mr. Harvey has written a book called "Act like a Lady, Think Like a Man” in which he instructs women (among other things)  not to have sex with someone they have known less than 90 days.  His reasoning is you don’t get a “full benefit package” on most jobs until you’ve passed a probationary period, usually 90 days.  

He had a number of males on the show who were irritated with him for telling women to do this.  As you might imagine, it was a revealing segment, both for the men who were trying to present themselves in the best light, and for the women in the audience watching them do it.