October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so expect to see more pink ribbons and "Save the Tatas" bumperstickers.

But don't expect your healthcare provider, Planned Parenthood, the National Organization for Women or the New York Times to talk about the increased risk of breast cancer from

Maybe I'm the only one who will say it out loud, but the whole "Free Love Movement" my generation promoted in the 60's and 70's seems to have produced at least two generations after us who are unlikely to have what it takes to be in a lifelong commitment.

The most common reasons for "singleness," (meaning NOT MARRIED) among young people are, "I'm not ready to settle down."  "I'm really focused on getting established in my chosen field."  "I'm not ready to have sex with just one person for the rest of my life."

The most common reasons for singleness among the more mature are the same but different.  "I haven't found anyone I want to marry."  "All the good ones are taken."  "Most people my age have a lot of baggage."  

Am I the only one who notices that the reasons for singleness as a young person are the CAUSE of singleness in the more mature?  Just sayin'. 

I’m sure you’ve heard the slogan, “Be safe, use protection!” Yeah, but what if safe doesn’t mean what you think it means?

Using a condom is a little like getting into a small enclosed space with a bag of BEES.  As long as the bag doesn’t break, leak, tear or get a hole in it, you won’t get stung.  All you gotta do is make sure the bees stay in the bag.  But what if, while you're focused on the bees in the bag, there's SPIDERS under the shelf just waiting until you get close enough to crawl on?!  Or what if you're so focused on the bees, you don’t even notice the army of ants marching up your pantleg!

That's exactly what you're doing when you trust a condom.

Sometimes online pornography starts out as "just a distraction" or "harmless entertainment," but it can become something else. When it starts interfering with work or school or relationships, you know it's a problem. 

Pornographic images imprint in the mind, and they will always be there, even when you wish they weren't. Getting out of the porn pit can be really difficult, but that doesn't mean it can't be done.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with porn, this book has very practical information on how to break free.  But let me be clear: this is for people who have determined their porn-use is a problem, not to convince someone they have a problem.

This Is Your Brain on Porn is available for purchase starting 9/1/2014.  If you are interested, click here. 

The AskMen.com Great Male Survey is done online in the UK, Canada, USA and Australia. The survey is instructive, because it reminds me that information doesn't change behavior, only processed information does.  What I mean is, a person can have any number of facts floating around in their head but they don't all have relevance.

This survey is a case in point.  Women can READ the data (the surveys are posted here) but still not fully appreciate how the information revealed in the survey could have a profound impact on their behavior.

For instance, men were asked, "How often do you get tested for STDs?"  Fifty-three percent (53%) said NEVER.  Then they were asked, "Which aspect of your sex life have you lied about?" And fifty one percent (51%) said "The number of partners I've had."

If you are a sexually active woman that should make you stop and think. Just those two responses tell you, there is a 50/50 chance that your new prospective partner will lie about the number of partners he's had, and no matter what he SAYS, he has no idea if he is infected or not (most STDs are asymptomatic especially in males.)

Today,in a 5-4 decision, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby, against the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) requirement that employers insurance must provide all forms of birth control.

First, to be clear, this does not restrict ACCESS to contraception at all. This decision doesn't mean there will be police barriers in front of pharmacies so that only women who work in certain companies can buy the Pill.  Any woman who wants to buy birth control can buy birth control.

Recently, there have been a number of articles written stating that one in five women are assaulted on college campuses.  If you look up the ACTUAL report it's more like 1 in 8, but you can get statistics to say almost anything. Whatever the real percentage, I have a great deal of empathy for victims of sexual assault.  However...

Isn't it obvious that colleges and universities have mixed together the ingredients which would inevitably lead to this mess?  Let me explain.

What if the Marlboro Man came to you kid's class and told them "Smoking tobacco is relaxing"?

What if the StayPuft Marshmallow Man was invited in to say, "Sugar gives you energy!"

What if a man dressed as Samuel Adams delivered a presentation about "Drinking responsibly"?

What if they gave out free samples of their products?  Now add to it that the school pays them to do it with taxpayer funded government grants.  Wouldn't that seem like a conflict of interest?  

That's business as usual in the sex education biz.  Seriously.

"Rape requires a panoply of follow-up care, from post-exposure prophylaxis to help prevent HIV transmission to physical care for any injuries or sexually transmitted diseases to psychological care to abortions." ~ Jina Moore.

This sentence is from an article about how the Nigerians are preparing for the return of those 276 kidnapped girls.  So, first, let me say, I 100% fully understand and sympathize with the INTENTIONS of the statement. Everyone is thinking, "How can we help these traumatized girls put this horrific event behind them and try to restore normality?!"

And I really do appreciate that carrying the fetus of the rapist to term seems like torture few could imagine.  Every day she remembers she is pregnant by her captors.  Every day she imagines that face... I get it.