Here are the "before & after" results from a school we visited recently. Interesting, don't you think?
The annual event known as "Lovefest" At Our Savior Lutheran Church in Arcadia, CA. has passionate speakers on most every aspect of sexuality and teen life you can imagine.  Plus gracious and loving volunteers who see that every attendee is cared for. 

Positively Waiting
! has been honored to be part of every Lovefest since the beginning.  This year's youth workshops with the Kropf's had two sessions.  What follows is a compilation of the teens before-and-after-decisions, as well as anonymous (therefore brutally honest) feedback regarding how they felt about what we said.

Even in church settings, predisposed to the abstinence-before-marriage/faithfulness-in-marriage message, there are still many adults and teens who think "In this day and age?  In this sex-saturated society? It can't be done!" 

But that is before we make the case!

Below is a recent feedback report from the youth at St. John's Lutheran Church -- which emphasizes sexual self-control as the best option.  Most of the group was between 12 and 14, but we had a sprinkling of older teens too.

When I say I teach the "art of sexual self-control," I get a horrified look, then a sneer of contempt, and then they say, "Oh, you mean abstinence-only education."

NO! That's not what I mean.

"Be abstinent" means something quite different from what we promote at Positively Waiting!
In our culture, (sorry to say, Moms & Dads) "be abstinent" means "it's OK to do everything else except intercourse."  Most abstinence programs emphasize the negative consequences of sexual activity.

That's not sexual self-control at all!

Amazing pictures of animals in the womb
On Jan. 22, 1973, as a result of two Supreme Court decisions (Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton) abortion became legal in all 50 states during all 9 months of pregnancy for any reason.

Forty one years later, Americans are still deeply divided on the issue.  A Marist Poll published this month shows even those who consider themselves "strongly pro-choice" have conflicting views on when, and with what restrictions abortions should be legal.  Just a slideshow of various lifeforms in the womb was flamed on Buzzfeed recently because the final pic was human.

The evidence of thousands of years of human history suggests traditional marriage is good for SOCIETY.  Without legal and social incentives for lifelong male-female unions, children grow up without fathers. 

Having said that, I agree that social rejection of same-sex unions is unkind to homosexuals.  This is true not just for homosexuals. Advocates of every lifestyle which differs from what is considered "mainstream" (whether it's Vegan-ism or living in a Bio-Dome), want their preferences to be recognized as valid by the rest of society.

But voluntary homelessness, recreational drug abuse and defrauding the system by claiming a nonexistent disability are also "lifestyle choices."

Excerpt from a conversation with a mom at an event in Van Nuys.  Her son had heard our talk 2 weeks before.  She was not present during our message but assumed if followed the "Don't have sex, but if you do use a condom" line.
MOM: I just found out my 13 year old got de-virginized, but thanks to you, at least he strapped up. (Translation: After hearing your presentation, my son became sexually active, but he did use a condom.)

KK: If your son used a condom, it certainly wasn’t because of us.  That was your parenting, not anything we said.

MOM: No, I'm sure it was because you told him about being safe, using protection.

KK: We didn't tell him to use protection because our stories about about how protection DIDN'T keep us safe.  If he used a condom, it was because of you, not us.

JK: "Be safe, use protection" isn't  our message.  We told your son that we USED protection and still got infected.

MOM: What does that mean?

JK: It means that condoms don't protect against diseases passed through infected skin.

MOM: What does that mean?

JK: Some diseases are transmitted by touch.  When two people have sex, the area, the skin around the genitals is going to touch, that's how it's passed. Through the skin.

MOM: Wait... doesn't a condom stop that?

JK: Not all the skin will be covered... its not wetsuit.

MOM: (Gasp.)

KK: I know.  Scary, isn't it?  It's hard to understand and you're an adult! Most teens have a hard time getting it because their brains can't grasp the long-term consequences like an adult. I'm sure you're thinking, "I have to talk about getting tested."

MOM: I wasn't even think that until you just said something. for AIDS?

KK: Well, sure, although there are other more common STDs than HIV.  And some of them travel together...

MOM: What does that mean?

KK: People who are infected often have more than one STD.  For instance, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea travel together.  And a person who has Herpes is at greater risk for getting HIV.

MOM: What does that mean?

KK: Herpes sores allow the HIV virus direct access to the bloodstream.

MOM: So they gotta wait forever?

KK: Let me ask you something, what's your standard for drinking and driving?  Is it OK for your son to do that?

MOM: No.  Don't want him doing that.

KK: So your HIGHEST standard is NO DRINKING AND DRIVING, but you know it's possible, maybe even likely, your son will drive after he's had a beer, right?

MOM: Yeah, I guess so.

KK: So are you going to tell him it's OK to drink and drive as long as its only one beer, because most teens do...?

MOM: I see what you're saying.  If I wouldn't say that was OK, how come it's OK if he takes risks with sex?
This is a mom who loves her son.  But she until she talked to us, she never imagined she could  insist her son have the highest possible standard of behavior when it came to sex.

We live in a truly inferior time.  Love is a much more superficial imitation that it once was.

Case in point: CBS News ran a 3-part story about a military widow in commemoration of D-Day 2012.  Peggy Harris was married for six weeks before her husband, Billie, was deployed.  He was shot down over Le Ventes, France in 1944.  Peggy was sent a variety of letters, one claiming he was "missing in action," another that he was killed and buried in one cemetary, a subsequent letter said it was a different cemetary, another comumique that said he was listed as "missing" in the National Archives.

Gov. Jerry Brown of California legalized non-physician abortions in the state. The legislation was vigorously supported by Planned Parenthood, and strongly opposed by pro-life groups and physicians, who argued that it amounted to legalizing back-alley abortions for profit. 

In a statement, Gov. Brown indicated he signed the bill "to support the health and well-being of women in California."  However allowing non-physicians to perform abortions in the first trimester of pregnancy stands to benefit abortion clinics more than women's health.

There is a point in our youth message where we set up the explanation of how porn affects brain development. 

Especially with younger and more impulsive boys (14-15), the minute they hear the word "porn," they get big smiles and throw glances at their pals.  It's not something they hide.  Occasionally, someone will even shout, "Yeah. baby!"

But as soon as they hear what happens to their brain because of watching porn, the room gets dead quiet.  They don't look at each other, and they won't look me in the eye anymore.